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It is rare these days to be pleasantly surprised by value, quality, and customer service. When our hydraulic lift was failing, I called Davidsen’s Pier Service to inquire about a Floe lift. I also called other dealers and researched other brands but I decided the Floe lift would be the best value. Although it was the busiest time of year, Mr. Davidsen understood our urgency and had the lift delivered the next day. From there, the Davidsen’s service crew took over. They made multiple trips and had the lift installed, adjusted and functioning perfectly the same day. Their pride in their work and for the Floe product was palpable and their enthusiasm was contagious. So although my hand was forced to buy a new lift, once the Floe lift was delivered, I was very pleased. It is sculpted masterfully and the engineering is superior. Unlike other lifts, there is no control box to store on the dock and no cables are out in the open. Moreover, no principle components are underwater. The Floe raises the boat effortlessly and smoothly. It’s quiet and lifts the boat straight up. There is no horizontal translation as there was with the hydraulic lift. The drive and cables are encased in the frame. Perhaps our favorite feature is the Pro Park System. It corrects even the worst angle of ingress only letting the guardrails of the boat come into contact with the guide system. It acts like a shock absorber enabling a nice smooth entry. From my experience, I feel comfortable recommending Davidsen’s Pier Service and the Floe boat lift. Davidsen’s performance and professionalism was a welcome surprise. The peace of mind they afforded us was priceless and I will always be grateful.

Dr. David


David and crew have always been prompt, intent on doing a job that suits the lake owner, and ask you “Is this what you expected”, prior to leaving. We have used the “Pier Dudes” for three years and expect to continue to rely upon them for our pier and lift service, both in and out. I can also rely upon them to come back and make any adjustments after the lifts settle or water condition should change – such as last years’ drought. We are pleased with the attentive service!

R.D. and Cindy Jones – Irish Lake



Just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with your company. I have found Davidsen’s Pier Service to be efficient, on time, neat, and most of all accommodating to my wishes. Chris and the crew showed up exactly on time, worked quickly, placed everything where I had asked, and left the property as clean and as neat as when they got there.

Dr. Evan Feist