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Floe has been in business for 35 years and is still developing top-quality dock and boat lifts.  It is their passion to make your time at the lake easy and stress free.  When choosing a dock and boat lift Floe wants to make the choice as easy as possible to make sure your shore line is beautiful and increase in your property value.  When it comes to Floe they have the perfect dock system to fit your lifestyle.  They carry three different styles of dock systems to fit your wants and needs.

picture012The Roll-in Docks will give you a gorgeous shore front appeal.  Roll-in docks are double-braced with anti-sway wheel kits that will keep your dock more stable and can be used in deeper water than any other roll-in dock.  Floe Roll-in docks are easy to level.  No more getting in the water to level out your dock.  Roll-in docks are ideal for shore fronts with medium to hard bottoms, a mild to moderate slope and under 9’ of depth at the end of the dock.  They are spacious and can be easily pulled in as one unit or can be dis-connected to cut back on storage.  If you need to remove and install every year a roll-in dock may be the ideal dock system for you.

The Post-Sectional Docks are ideal when you leave your dock in all year round or have a hill or other landscape features that are not suited for the roll-in docks.  Post-sectional docks are extremely stable and if you need to store your dock Post-sectional docks will stack up in a very small area and will work in muddy bottom lakes and in water depths of up to 5’.

If you have frequent or major water depth fluctuation then Floe’s Floating Dock is for you.  Floe’s Floating Dock is always self-leveling so you do not have to raise or lower the dock.  The floating dock is so simple that all you need to do is, float into place, insert pins, and install the guide poles. The floating dock is made of heavy duty extruded aluminum frame and is foam filled molded floats.

To see the full line of these docks click here: https:www.floeintl.com/docks/