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Shore station offers three different styles of Personal water craft lifts.  1.) Dock Mount; The aluminum dock mount will hold up to 1,000 lbs capacity.  It features a space saving footprint and convenient boarding access from the dock.  With fully carpeted bunks and a geared brake winch with nylon strap and level lift cable provide safe, unbinding up-down operation.  This lift will mount to any Shore Station dock or most standard docks.  2.) Free-Standing Single; With Shore Station you can choose which lift would work best for your needs.  They have an option of the 800 lbs steel cantilever lift, which is economical but also packed with features.  Or you can choose to go with the 1000 lb aluminum cantilever lift.  This lift has a 30” operator’s wheel and brake winch provides safe and smooth operation.  It also has heavy duty aluminum frame and posts for larger watercrafts.  If you have a slightly bigger PWC you might want to go with the 1500 lb aluminum vertical lift.  This lift is designed to handle deeper water and lager watercrafts. With the capacity of 1500 lbs and a lift height of 56” this lift is perfect for fluctuating water.  3.) If you have more than one PWC you might even be interested in the Free Standing Two-Place Lift.  This lift is designed to hold two 1000 lb machines on one lift.  Each side is independently operated with a wheel and brake winches for smooth operations.