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The FlexPower Hydraulic lift is a fast and effortless lift.  The DC power delivers maximum and constant power to the pump which results in the fastest lift time of any power system available.  It yields 6-8 cycles on a fully charged battery.   There are three different kinds of power sources that you can choose from. 1.) Battery Tender- This is standard on all FlexPower systems. Fully automatic and microprocessor controlled.  It charges and maintains your battery using 110 volt AC power source is available. 2.) Solar Battery charging system- The speedy 20 watt charger recharges your battery much faster than the ordinary 10 watt models.  3.) Boat Battery power cord- which uses the boat batter to “boost” the lift battery by simply plugging then together.  The hydraulic pump and cylinder are mounted above the waterline allowing you to keep your hydraulic pump off the dock and no more worrying about corroded cylinder.