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picture014Shore Station has been in business for 50+ years. With a Shore Station boat lift you get heavier materials, stronger winches, and better cables. Shore Station believes that dependability was the key back then and still is today. What will you get if you go with a Shore Station?  If you want to look like a pro getting in and getting out then Shore Station is the way to go.  Shore Station has time-tested all of their lifting mechanisms. They have engineered their lifts for easy docking and launching. They also have a “V” shape platform so if you have shallow water it will still be able to work properly. The “V” shape also provides for easier centering. If you want advanced protection for your boat while it is out of its element Shore Station does it with low maintenance aluminum construction. If you are worried about the moving parts being in the water while the lift is in the “up” position, you no longer need to worry. On a Shore Station there are no moving parts in the water while the lift is in the “up” position.  Shore Station offers lifts to fit virtually any boat up to 15,000 lbs. Whether you have a ski boat, cruiser, pontoon, or personal watercraft a Shore Station lift will work! Along with the fully adjustable brackets and reinforced adjustable bunks to custom fit your boat you also have many different accessories to go along with the lift!  Get a hold of us and we will get you into a lift that will fit your every need!